Crossmatch Patrol ID Biometric Machine


  • Intuitive user interface requires no training
  • Ergonomically friendly design
  • Easy to follow illuminated user prompts
  • Instant image quality check feedback
  • Illumination technique captures any skin type or condition
  • Auto Capture ensures quality image capture
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Durable housing protects against water and dust intrusion

certified,Patrol ID users can quickly capture fingerprint data for background checks and enrollment applications with confidence. With Patrol ID, it is easier than ever toidentify “persons of interest”, maintain regulatory compliance or note unqualified employment applicants.Based on technology currently deployed in some of the largest and most demanding biometric enrollment and verification applications around the world,the Patrol ID delivers the high quality performance and reliability expected of aCrossmatch livescan at an economical price point.


  • Immigration screening
  • Border checkpoints
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Applicant background checks
  • Program enrollment/verification